The Tow and Recovery Alliance of Canada Constitution and Bylaws:

1. The name of the Society is the TOW AND RECOVERY ALLIANCE OF CANADA (the "Association:)

2. The purposes of the Association are:

a. To advance the interests of towing businesses and to secure harmony and cooperation within the industry;
b. To abate trade abuses and injurious trade practices and to promote, protect and cultivate the interests of the towing industry across Canada;
c. To disseminate trade information and encourage improvements in business methods;
d. To oppose legislation which is hostile to, and to promote legislation which may be of benefit to the towing industry;
e. To represent the interests of towing businesses before governments and governmental agencies;
f. To introduce and maintain high standards to integrity and honour in the provision of towing services;
g. To cultivate a friendly and social spirit among its members and to promote a firmer and better relationship between the motoring public and all towing businesses;
h. To study economic, scientific and practical problems arising from time to time and to present them to members or to provincial or national authorities in the interests of the towing industry;
i. To further the interests and welfare of its members by doing all things necessary in connection therewith, including the investment of Association funds in such securities as the Board of Directors may deem advisable;
j. To cooperate with other Societies or Associations whose objectives are similar to and favoured by the Association;
k. To enter into such contract or contracts for group insurance for the members of the Association as shall be permitted by the laws of Canada, both provincial and federal;
l. For the purposes aforesaid, to do all such acts, matters and things as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above purposes, including the right to acquire shares in a limited liability company.


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